Danum Well Services is approved and registered BS EN ISO 9001. Futhermore, all wirelines and strands are tested and certified by an independent laboratory as per DIN. 50049-3.1 b

ORB Slickline and Wireline Pulley

Designed in conjunction with Mindling Designs the biggest single evolution in slickline and wireline pulleys is here.

The ORB slickline and wireline pulley provides unrivalled operator safety, increased safe working limits, and protects wires and cables in use.

The visually radical design offers the benefits of multiple mounting points and the extended side plates provide a guide and a guard protecting the wire from damage and the operator from hand trap risk.

Available in 16" diameter for up to 0.125" slickline, 20" diameter for up to 0.160" slickline and digital slickline applications.

16" SL (Slickline) ORB Video

Other sizes are also available for wireline, well service strand, and other applications. Contact us for further details.