Danum Well Services is approved and registered BS EN ISO 9001. Futhermore, all wirelines and strands are tested and certified by an independent laboratory as per DIN. 50049-3.1 b

Well Service Strands - Conventional, Dyform ®, and Formed

Danum Well Services Ltd. offer a range of Well Service Strands both conventional and formed - either dyform® or equivalent - manufactured from a variety of materials.

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Good Operating Practice

To ensure multi- strand cable (braided line) performs efficiently throughout its working life, it is imperative that it is kept in optimum condition. Please read the following operating practices, which, if not being used at the moment, should be adopted immediately.

  1. Log book should be kept, showing up to date details of the following:
    • Type of wire
    • Date wire spooled onto reel
    • Length of wire pooled onto reel
    • Length of exposure to well fluids and type of fluid
    • Depth of wireline operation
    • Maximum strain exerted on wire
    • Amount of wire cut after operation
    • Amount of wire remaining on reel
  2. Check from the logbook whether there is enough wire on the drum to perform the operation. If the wire is down to last wraps on the drum do not continue operation. The wire at the bottom of the drum will be bigger OD and .dry. and possibly corroded, it may also get stuck in flow tubes. A minimum of well (wireline running) depth plus 1000ft is required on the drum.
  3. Know what size and kind of cable that you are using.
  4. Measure the wire and use the correct flow tubes as follows: