Danum Well Services is approved and registered BS EN ISO 9001. Futhermore, all wirelines and strands are tested and certified by an independent laboratory as per DIN. 50049-3.1 b

About Us

History of the Company

1993 saw the manifestation of an idea conceived by one of the leading authorities in Wireline and Slickline operations. 'Donline LTD'. was founded to supply much needed alternative products to oil and gas industry wireline operations.

From the outset it was agreed between Erica Jameson, visionary founder and her associates that only the highest quality raw materials would be sourced to create innovative new developments in Wireline and Slickline technology. Hard work, dedication, and the introduction of GD31MO™ allowed the company to establish itself as a major competitor in the marketplace.

In 2000 the company underwent a project to transform 'Donline LTD'. This included changing the trade name to Danum Well Services Ltd or "DWS". As part of the transformation a new team were to implement a fresher and readily pro-active ethos, incorporating further international expansion and increased dedication to the service aspect of our client needs.

Further expansion to include all Supa products into the portfolio of materials in conjunction with genuine Dyform well service strands means that DWS are the only company that can supply the full range of well intervention long products to meet all of our customers needs in a global market.

Over 5000 reels of Special Alloy have been sold worldwide, with no failures attributed to manufacturing faults recorded to date. .DWS. is the world leader in the field of slickline and braided line supply. Always working to develop and improve the quality of service the team can provide alongside the products we can supply.

We have expanded our activity through our international agents in Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, and India, and we are maintaining our stock throughout the world- everything to make our customer service and supply easier for you- our customer!