Danum Well Services is approved and registered BS EN ISO 9001. Futhermore, all wirelines and strands are tested and certified by an independent laboratory as per DIN. 50049-3.1 b


Danum Well Services Ltd. supply Slickline in a variety of materials to work in the majority of conditions found in oil wells around the world.

We can provide a range of materials from standard Carbon Steel all the way through to the more exotic high grade alloys.


GD22 ™ / SUPA40 ® Duplex is suitable for use in wells with CO2 and low amounts of H2S. It offers a harder surface and greater breaking loads to obtain the required pulling load for heavier well intervention jobs.

GD31MO ™ / SUPA75 ® Super Alloy is suitable for all types of well media including H2S and CO2 combined. The structure of the material is such that it offers a softer surface and causes less wear on the well completion. It does have a lower breaking load than that of a duplex type material but is far less susceptible to corrosive attack.

Both GD22 ™ and GD31MO ™ materials have been used all over the world with great results for over 20 years and DWS are happy to be able to also supply Supa materials ( Supa 40 ® , Supa 75 ® etc.) as part of our product range.

316 stainless steel is based on low resistance to H2S and CO2, and the use of MP35N ® we believe in most cases would be an over specification. This type of material is rarely used and is for high temperature/ high pressure along with high concentrates of chlorides etc.

For precise well media advice for a specific well, please do not hesitate to contact DWS.


In addition to Carbon Steel Slicklines for use in sweet wells there are four types of material that would usually be evaluated for sour well media:


316 Stainless Steel - UNS 31600 / 31603

Duplex Type Materials

- UNS S32205 / S31803 Equivalent to Sandvik SAF 2205, SUPA 40 ®, GD22 ™, etc.

- UNS S32760 ( Super ) Duplex Zeron 100 

Super Austenitic Alloys:

 - UNS N 08926 / W 1.4529 Equivalent to Sanicro 26 MO, SUPA 75 ®, GD31 MO ™, etc.

 - UNS N 08031 Supa 80® , GD39 MO ™ 

Special Quaternary Alloys - UNS R30035 Equivalent to MP35 N ®, GD50 ™, etc.