Danum Well Services is approved and registered BS EN ISO 9001. Futhermore, all wirelines and strands are tested and certified by an independent laboratory as per DIN. 50049-3.1 b

Wire Rope

Manufactured, tested & certified to the standards laid down by the American Petroleum Institute.


Produced from specially selected materials of the highest quality lubricated internally & externally with eco friendly lubricant.


In collaboration with the travelling & crown blocks, through which it is reeved, the drill line carries out a huge amount of lifting and lowering required during the daily operation of the rig. The conditions in which the drill line operates are not ideal; this application calls for a rope which can best withstand fatigue caused by bending at speed around sheaves, whilst retaining the ability to resist abrasion and crushing. The optimum mix of these properties is found in a wire rope of basic 6 strand construction, most notably 6X19

(9/9/1) & 6X26(10/5+5/5/1).